Simple and Effective

Our basic approach to web page design is to attract customers, present information and facts about your company and to invite them to scan your web site.

Step 1 – Gathering Data

We begin by gathering data about your business in order to determine the how to most effectively develop your site, including:

  • Goal Analysis:
    What you hope to achieve with your business in the development of your website and online marketing strategy?
  • Industry & Competitive Analysis:
    Once we understand your business, we research your level of competition in your industry for your target market. We also look at what others in your industry are doing online to promote and market their businesses.

We make recommendations to help achieve the most desirable results based on your goals and target market for your business.

We also provide navigational recommendations and help choosing specific keywords and keyphrases that will give you the desired exposure in the major search engines.

Your website requires proper planning. This first step is extremely important to the success of your online goals.

Step 2 – We Create a First Draft – Prototype

We will design a first draft for your web site based on owner’s content and desired keyphrases and upload it to a temporary location on our web server for you to review.

Step 3 – Revisions

We will go over the first draft of your web site with you and make any revisions necessary until you are completely satisfied with the design and content.

Step 4 – Finalize

Once completely satisfied, we will finalize the design and upload the new site to either the client’s existing hosting server or our hosting server depending on the client’s preference. We also provide a sitemap to give the search engines the ability to easily navigate your site and access all of your pages.

Once the web site is live, we will monitor it for the first month to verify there are no operational issues and to provide search engine rankings for the site as they change.


Our Process
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