Have you heard of two heads are better than one? We can look at your project from the outside looking in. Review your business model and your competition from every angle and investigate all possible areas of opportunities until we come up with a creative approach that is sure to bring attention to your business offer.

Marketing your business and updating your web site content (keeping it fresh) for potential clients is an essential aspect of managing your web presence.

We provide an Internet Marketing and Maintenance Package that will help your business obtain the exposure you need in order to have a successful web site on the internet.

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Some of the maintenance and marketing services we provide are:

  • Target Advertising & Competitor Analysis
  • Relevant Link building campaigns
  • Content development strategies
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Social media and 0nline networking
  • Content syndication marketing (i.e. RSS)
  • Website analytics & performance tracking
  • Answering your questions & providing help when
    you need it.

We pride ourselves in the ability to respond to your requests in a timely manner.

We have developed two options in order for you to secure our internet marketing and maintenance services.

Option A (Discounted Monthly Maintenance)

  • If it is necessary for regular updates to your website or you would like our marketing services, we have a web site maintenance program that offers your law firm a number of discounted hours. For example, if you determine the need for 6 hours of updates or marketing per month you can purchase 6 hours of work at a 15 percent discount off our regular hourly rate.

Option B (On Request Updates)

  • No cost until you need work performed. This is for clients who do not require many updates to their website. Updates are billed at our normal hourly rate. There are no recurring payments.

If neither of these options suit your needs, let us know and we will custom tailor an internet marketing and maintenance package for you.


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